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Happy Cubicle Day!

Happy Cubicle Day!

Here at Office Furniture Outlet, we not only buy and sell cubicles, but we install and reconfigure them as well. Here are 5 reasons why you should choose us to handle your next office cubicle move and installation:

  1. Our staff is well-trained, boasting over 20 years of experience with all types of office furniture brands and systems.
  2. We help our customers find the right product, generate layouts, manage project scheduling, and coordinate deliveries.
  3. We provide flexible scheduling and complete furniture setup and installation.
  4. Our goal is to move you as quickly, efficiently, and cost-effectively as possible (We aim to be the best value in Hampton Roads).
  5. Our large fleet of quality equipment is able to accommodate deliveries and installations of any size.

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Our Latest Desks & Chairs

Jofco U Desk

Jofco 36″ x 72″ Peninsula Top U-Shaped Desk w/ Right Hand Bridge & Hutch – Walnut Finish – Sold As Is
(2 Left Hand Desks & 2 Right Hand Desks Available)

$1,699.99 for desk set


Alma L Desk

Alma 36″ x 72″ L-Shaped Desk w/ 50″ Left Hand Return – Refinished in Mahogany

$999.99 for desk


Paoli Double Ped Desk

Paoli 30″ x 66″ Double Pedestal Desk – Refinished in Mahogany

$799.99 for desk

HPFI Peninsula Top Desk

HPFI 36″ x 72″ Peninsula Top L-Shaped Desk w/ 45″ Left Hand Return – Refinished in Mahogany

$699.99 for desk

National Task Chairs

National Gotcha Series Task Chairs w/ Clove Fabric (150 Available)

$99.99 each

Stacking Chairs

Herman Miller Stacking Chairs w/ Blue-Gray Fabric (32 Available)

$89.99 each


Club Chairs

Print Fabric Club Chairs (2 Available – Sold As A Pair)

$50.00 each

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7 Ways To Make Workspaces Productive & Inspiring

There are several different aspects to keeping your workspace  productive and inspiring. The furniture you choose plays an important part, along with these 6 others on the list from Fast Company:


With our laptops, tablets, and phones we now carry our work (and our entertainment) with us wherever we go. With all those devices, there are already more than enough distractions to potentially lower our productivity or stifle our creativity. The workplace shouldn’t be one of them.

I like to keep things simple. I give people a view of the outside and clean walls.

I love art and visit museums whenever I travel, but a workspace isn’t a museum. Too much artwork is distracting. If it’s curated, it can work. Oh, and don’t ever do those inspirational quotes—they are so 1991.

I do have one exception to my artwork rule: I put it in meeting rooms, because you might be bored in there. Just saying.


Do you want music? White noise? Pink noise? (Yes, there are different colors of noise.) What level of noise works for your company culture or for the people using your office?

At my coworking space, the extroverts prefer music and the introverts prefer white noise. If you’ve got a bunch of engineers wearing headphones you don’t need to do anything. But if you’ve got a mix of people then you need to figure out what works best for your space to minimize distraction and boost productivity. When I built out my coworking space, I designed different ceiling heights to give me flexibility in setting different noise levels.

I also bought a bunch of Moshi Moshi handsets. They are fun, a great conversation point, and most importantly really help tone down how loud people talk on their phones. Often people don’t realize just how loud they’re being. If they plug in a handset suddenly they’re using their inside voices.


Lounge furniture is great, but not necessarily for long hours of work. Provide tables and power around you in a more relaxed setting so that you can be productive if you choose to not have a traditional work surface like a desk. Whatever you do, don’t skimp on the chairs. They are so important to your health. Make sure you give people the option to sit or to stand. Again, it’s a health thing—and standing to work is becoming increasingly popular. Give people options.

Although they are increasingly popular, I don’t have any treadmill desks in my space because so far I’ve found them incredibly expensive, noisy, and quick to break.


Nothing beats natural light, but you don’t always have the luxury of having it in abundance. So, don’t skimp on lighting and provide additional sources of lighting besides just typical fluorescents. Lamps can be fun and functional in an office space. They’re easy to move around and experiment with. Look at residential designs for more variety.

Some lights can be programmed in a variety of ways. How about having the lights change color if the team meets their sales target?

Also, keep the wall color low so the walls are light and bright but also grounded. Don’t splash bright color everywhere. Remember what we said about distracting artwork?


I love to let the outdoors be the art. This is why I have a courtyard at my coworking space. If you can’t provide a view to green space, create one with a living wall or skylights. And remember, staring off into the distance is good for our eyes.


Move the lights, move the plants. I have lots of things like etch-a-sketches and silly putty around. They’re the kind of tactile things that people can be working on with their hands when they need a break. Old-fashioned puzzles are another way to get your brain thinking in a different direction and to take a break from your screen.

In my coworking space we even have a cape hanging up in a retro phone booth. (We put it in there in case you need to change into Superman. Or Superwoman.)


If you don’t have a throw-it-out-every-Friday policy for your refrigerator, you are doing something wrong. I tell people I don’t care what it is or what it is in, it is going in the trash. It’s about keeping people healthy. What’s a bunch of sick people going to do to your productivity? It might sound like a no-brainer, but you also need to have a cleaning crew come in every weekend.

To avoid any hint of stale, brain-clogging air we run air purifiers in both of our spaces.