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Tips on Buying Green Office Furniture

discounted green office furniture for saleThe Four R’s in Recycling and Office Furniture: Reduce, Reuse, Recycle and Restore


Does it really matter if businesses choose to follow the four R’s of recycling? Well, there are many green steps a business can take that will make a big difference for a company business, the community and the planet.

The first of the four recycling R’s is to reduce. When considering office purchases ask yourself: is there an option that is more recyclable, or has less packaging? For example, when looking to buy office furniture consider used office furniture for minimizing packaging. Buying used also saves the furniture from ending up in a landfill. In fact just (40) cubicles will divert one tractor-trailer load of furniture from the landfill.

Your business may be due for a move, often this means new furniture to fit the new building. Instead of eliminating existing furniture, consider having it refurbished with new paint and fabric. Electrostatic painting can refinish any metal furniture such as filing cabinets and cubicle frames. Cubicle fabric is easily replaced to accommodate new building design aesthetics. Use a space planner to ensure the best fit of your newly refurbished furniture in your new space. A CAD design of your office is also helpful to design optimal work-flow for office efficiency

If you decide to abandon your old furniture consider selling it back. Often you can get money or store credit when working with an office furniture dealer. The main goal would be to keep the furniture from going to a landfill. Remember to look for used office furniture when buying for the new office. You will find that you will save 40%-80% off retail list when buying used.

Restore the forth “R” in recycling is relatively new to but very important. A good business will protect their assets. Consider repairing, refinishing, re-purposing, or refinish assets before you decide to throw them away. All surfaces like metal and wood can be refinished and refurbished to like new conditions. If you have chairs, cabinets or desks that are broken look to have the repaired. Office Furniture Outlet has an on site repair service, which saves you time and money.

Office Furniture Outlet of Virginia has been providing affordable new and used office furniture and services to business for over 20 years. Call us today to let us know how we can help you with your office furniture needs (757) 855-2800.

Recycled Bike Furniture

After you trash your bike in a downhill mountain biking accident; turn it into a piece of furniture for your loft.  Founder, Andy Gregg creates tables, chairs and bar stools out of old parts from bikes. And the upholstery options include leather, rubber, cork, clear and colored acrylic, and vinyl. Check out the site for more cool pieces. (GUSH Magazine)

Implications – The environmental trend is highly popular. Consumers want to minimize their impact on the environment, therefore recycled furniture is highly appealing. By purchasing products that are recycled, they are able to satisfy their desire of minimal environmental damage. Additionally, the consumers feel better about the purchase and overall perception of the company changes or stays positive.

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New Level of Furniture Recycling: Mercedes-Benz Office

By Karen M. Koenig

Designer Katie Thompson turns parts from a Mercedes-Benz into office furniture.

A South African designer has taken the idea of furniture recycling to a new level. Katie Thompson “recreates” the interior of a Mercedes-Benz SL R230, converting the car seat into an office chair, the dashboard as a desk complete with a three time-zone clock, with the speedometer now used as a magnetized pad, the air vents business card holders, and the ignition lock now a host site for USB connectors. Even the rear mirror finds a new use as a desk lamp. (See video below)

Thompson, and her “Recreate” concept of sustainable furniture design, is not alone in taking office furniture recycling to a new level. Last month, Hudson, MA-based office furniture manufacturer AIS announced a partnership with non-profit organization ANEW, “to provide a take-back solution” for AIS customers to donate their old office furniture and materials, rather than the companies landfilling the items.

According to a statement from AIS, the “recycled” furniture and materials are donated to public agencies and charities within a 50 mile radius, thereby benefiting the local communities. According to the news release, “ANEW has diverted 8.9 million pounds from landfill, serving over 500 organizations in 13 countries,” since its founding seven years ago.

“This partnership is a great fit for AIS. As a lean manufacturer, we are very environmentally aware of not just what we produce, but what we dispose of. By aligning with ANEW, we can ensure that abandoned furniture becomes recycled and used to benefit our communities as opposed to filling up our landfills,” AIS Executive Vice President Rob Lazarus said in a statement. “This is a great organization that unites social responsibility with environmental sustainability- something that we here at AIS are very passionate about.”

A large manufacturer, AIS employs 332 people, and has more than 500,000 square feet of manufacturing and operations at six locations. But as Katie Thompson has proven, “recycling” is an idea that companies of all sizes, large and small, should get passionate about.

Watch the Mercedes-Benz video of Katie Thompson’s furniture recreation.

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Crazy Chair Design | Home Basics with Decoration and Furniture

How often do you find yourself a situation where you had nowhere to hang a coat or jacket? And as a result of an unfortunate jacket is hanging on the back of the chair. Designer Joey Zeledon solved the problem – he came up with a chair, consisting of coat hangers! If you’re even dressed as a cabbage, a few layers – do not worry enough hangers for each layer. This is some really crazy furniture design, but, it’s also very useful. I am sure you will find this very useful, and also really crazy if you like some crazy furniture in your home, have this in mind if you have in mind some home decorating recently!

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Aeron – Office Chair – Herman Miller

Herman Miller Task Chairs For Sale in Newport News

The Herman Miller office chair is one of the staff’s favorites at Office Furniture Outlet.  The chair is a great ergonomic chair

Below is from the Herman Miller web site.

We wanted a totally new kind of chair. So we turned to the two designers who had produced the groundbreaking Equa chair and asked them to start with a clean slate and no assumptions. A bold challenge!

So Don Chadwick and Bill Stumpf began their work of thinking about what a chair ought to do for a person by consulting people who spend a lot of time in their chairs—older people in retirement centers. Chadwick and Stumpf came to some solid conclusions.

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A New Twist on Recycled Office Furniture

By Kristi Stevens

vespa parts upcycled into office chair

Office Furniture Outlet knows a recycle opportunity when it sees one – upcycling. We are master recyclers, reclaiming tired old office furniture and giving them a fresh finish for a new life. So, you can imagine our delight in learning about the new trend in recycling termed upcycling.

Upcycling is the process of converting waste materials or useless products into new materials or products of better quality or a higher environmental value. The upcycled item does not just look like new again it has a whole new form and function.

Below are a few websites you can visit to see fascinating office furniture upcycling projects:

3rings Shiner indoor/outdoor furni

ture made from reclaimed material taken from industrial manufacturing sites. Shiner also monitors waste creating as little a possible.

Bel & Bel Bel & Bel upcycles vintage Vespas into office furniture.

T.O.M.T. T.O.M.T. is the best friend for trashed or forgotten objects and anything else you might throw away or overlook in your garages, panties or other storage spaces.

i29 The use of thick black paint upcycles a collection of used office furniture for a series of interior design objects.