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Thinking Green

Happy St. Patrick’s Day!!

While we’re all thinking green, let’s discuss greening your office.  Keep reading to learn the benefits of buying used furniture:


When you buy used office furniture:

  • Furniture is being diverted out of the solid waste stream and back into the market so it can be used again
  • There are fewer raw materials used; Remanufacturing conserves energy and natural resources
  • You are recycling, which extends the lives of resources already in circulation such as wood, aluminum, steel, plastics, and fiber
  • You are keeping metals out of the remelting process, which conserves labor and manufacturing energy
  • You are saving up to 60 percent off the cost of new furniture, which means conservation and waste reduction is an important corporate goal

If your office isn’t already green, we hope you plan on making it happen soon! Please contact us with any questions you may have.


Furniture Recycling Facts vs. Myths


Conserving Natural Resources:

Because fewer raw materials are used, remanufacturing conserves energy and natural resources.  Office furniture recycling extends the lives of resources already in circulation such as wood, aluminum, steel, plastics and fiber, using them over and over to the fullest extent possible.  Industry experts estimate that for each pound of natural resources used in remanufacturing, five to nine pounds of original material are conserved.

Solid Waste Stream Reduction:

By recycling office furniture, the products as well as the natural resources are diverted from the solid waste stream.  The EPA has estimated that approximately 3 million tons of office furniture and furnishings are discarded each year.  For example, fabrics in panel systems tend to wear out and the colors become outdated.  By remanufacturing, the fabrics can be replaced and the office furniture returned to the market for a second life.  Recycling results in fewer products filling up limited landfill space.  It is estimated that remanufacturing just one cubicle saves more than 1000 pounds of landfill waste.  Remanufacturing just 40 cubicles diverts one tractor-trailer load of furniture from a landfill.

Energy Conservation:

Recycling office furniture conserves manufacturing energy.  The amount of energy required to alter an existing product during remanufacturing is 85 to 95 percent less than that required to manufacture a new product.  And, since much of the product has already been manufactured, remanufacturing saves the enormous amounts of energy required for production, especially when metals are kept out of the resmelting process.

Furniture Recycling: Common Myths and Misconceptions

Don’t let concerns about product quality or costs keep you from considering recycled and remanufactured furniture as an option.  Here are some common misconceptions and the facts you need to make an informed decision.

MYTH: Recycled products are inferior in quality.

Since remanufacturing restores worn furniture to “like new” condition, recycled office furniture is equal to new furniture in quality and reliability.  Additionally, instead of a pre-determined selection of OEM finishes, the finish options are available, including many made from 100% recycled content, enable you and the designer complete freedom.

MYTH: Recycled products cost more.

Prices of recycled office furniture typically range from 30 to 70 percent less than new furniture!  The conservation of energy and natural resources means that office furniture can be remanufactured for less than it costs to build new product.  This savings is passed along to the consumer.

MYTH: Remanufacturing is not recycling.

Actually, remanufacturing is the ultimate form of recycling!  Remanufacturing conserves natural resources, reduces the amount of product sent to the landfill, and saves manufacturing energy while adding value to the post-consumer product.  Remanufactured office furniture is made to function and look like a new product – at a lower cost!

With environmental goals and “going green” becoming an ever-increasing priority in today’s society, purchasing recycled office furniture for your business can be a very good step in the right direction. Not only does it help companies in becoming more eco-friendly, it will also save money in the long run, while still maintaining the high quality look one always wants for their business.

See the article here


Office Furniture Buyer’s Checklist – ✔✔✔

Check-list-007Here are a few helpful hints from The Office Furniture Recyclers Forum to make sure you’re getting the best office furniture value for your company:

✔ – Ask Questions
What are their quality standards?
Can they meet your job specifications? (timeframe, budget, job size, & any special requirements)
Is there a warranty?

✔ – Take a Tour
Visit their facility and see where the work will be done.
Ask to see what inventory they have in stock.
Ask to see finished products and visit a recently installed project.

✔ – Check References
How happy are past customers with both the products and services
Would they select this vendor again?

✔Other Factors to Consider
Do they use clone or Original Equipment Manufacturer’s (OEM) parts?
How do they manage their inventory?
Do they do the work in-house or is it out-sourced?
Does the support staff seem professional and easy to work with?
Is the company financially stable?
Are they members of their industry trade association, the Office Furniture Recyclers Forum?

✔ Before Committing
Follow sound business practices—make sure all pricing, warranties, job
specifications and delivery dates are in writing.



The Office Furniture Recyclers Forum. Recycled Office Furniture: Good for the Environment, Good for Your Business. Greenbiz.com. Retrieved from http://www.greenbiz.com/sites/default/files/document/O16F3340.pdf

The Link Between Plants & Productivity


According to the article by Caroline Webber, studies have shown that the environment we work in has a huge impact on how we think, act, and feel. Sure, painting the office green will boost moods, but we could take it a step further than that.  A study was done in which bees (whose brains have very similar molecular structures to humans) were exposed to the smell of recently cut grass. Within a few minutes, the behavior of the bees changed from agressive to calm.  So what does this mean for you? 

Plants not only improve air quality, they improve your well-being.  According to an article posted by Leading Company, when you increase the amount of greenery, the complaints about things such as being too cold or having headaches decrease.  Productivity is said to increase by at least 12% when people have plants in the room that they are working in.  Is this enough to make you want to buy more plants?

For more details, click on the following links:

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Why Buy Used Office Furniture?


Top 5 Reasons to Buy Used:

  1. Environmentally Friendly: Office furniture recycling extends the lives of resources already in circulation such as wood, aluminum, steel, plastics, and fiber by using them to the fullest extent possible. Recycling also conserves labor and manufacturing energy, especially when metals are kept out of the smelting process.
  2. Cost Benefit:  If you buy used, you are saving up to 60% off the cost of new furniture. This is a great way to promote waste reduction.
  3. Design Benefits: With Office Furniture Outlet, you get complete creative freedom. There’s no pre-determined selection of fabrics, colors, or finishes.
  4. Usefulness: Instead of going into a landfill, the furniture is put back on the market. Used office furniture can be considered refurbished, remanufactured, recycled- all of which mean being used again.
  5. Quality: Older furniture is often made with better quality than newer furniture is, and only furniture with good quality gets resold.  The fact that it is still in tact proves that it can stand the test of time.

Are these reasons enough for you to make the switch to buying used furniture? If so:

Visit our website: www.OFOVA.com
Call us: (757) 855-2800
Stop by our showroom: 1124-B Kingwood Ave. Norfolk, VA 23502

Warmer office could mean better health

In the article below Matt Richmond wrote about Binghamton University professor Ken McLeod designing a floor lamp that will warm up one’s core temperature.  McLeod researched how a warmer core temperature increases the production of growth hormone, which regulates one’s metabolism,  and resulting in a healthier office environment.  McLeod’s floor lamp invention will take a while to become available, in the mean time focus on having a good ergonomic chair or a plant to freshen the air.

More on the McLeod’s invention below.

by Matt Richmond

Rochester, NY, Dec 18, 2012 — It’s not unusual for people to wonder if their offices are making them less healthy: people complain of a lack of fresh air, sick coworkers, and uncomfortable chairs, to name a few. In Binghamton University’s bioengineering labs, researchers are looking for ways to make workplaces healthier.

Binghamton University professor Ken McLeod says he has proof that a warmer office will make people healthier. In the university’s bioengineering labs, he’s building a personal heating device that uses a low-frequency laser to warm people up.

According to McLeod, fighting obesity by controlling calorie intake and burning the calories you can through exercise isn’t the best way to do it.

McLeod says the main benefit of exercising 30 minutes a day, five days a week, is that it increases a person’s core body temperature. And when your body temperature goes up, you produce more growth hormones.

“But you can see below 37 degrees, we make no growth hormone. You push up even half a degree and you can see this curve coming up fast and by 38 degrees, you’re pushing up a maximum amount of growth hormone, it’s gone up more than 100-fold.”

Growth hormones increase a person’s metabolism which keeps their weight in check. So that’s why you exercise, to warm yourself up.

McLeod wonders, why should we settle for exercising 30 minutes a day to get our body temperature up, when we spend 40 hours a week in the office, letting our bodies do what they have to to keep warm

“If we’re not exercising enough to maintain our core temperature, we’re going to do something else and what that something else is is insulating ourselves from the cold. We lay down white body fat under our skin.”

McLeod’s personal heater works by directing warmth right at a person, instead of heating up the air around them. McLeod estimates that his heater, which looks like a typical floor lamp, would only need about 15 watts of power, compared to more than a thousand watts for a space heater. Continue reading Warmer office could mean better health

Electrostatic Painting

Office Furniture Outlet offers electrostatic painting at our warehouse or on site.  Electrostatic Painting is one of the ways that Office Furniture Outlet Recycles used office furniture back into the market place.  Office Furniture Outlet often will take a used metal file cabinet and paint it using the electrostatic process to make it look “like new” again. We can also take several mismatched file cabinets and paint them all to match an existing interior office design. This saves the cabinet from the dump and allows the cabinet to fit in perfectly with its new surroundings.

Give Office Furniture Outlet a call if you’re in need of Electrostatic Painting Services or a Used Filing Cabinet (757) 855-2800.

Below is a great article that describes the electrostatic painting process.


Electrostatic painting employs the basic principle of electrostatic opposites attract to achieve durable and strong finish onmetals and other materials. The most notable advantage of electrostatic painting over conventional liquid paints is that it leaves no runs, drips, bubbles or sags. The operating principle of this painting method involves dry powder, made of resins and pigments, being pneumatically supplied from a reservoir directed to a spray gun. The surface to be painted isgrounded while the paint powder is charged with a high voltage at low amperage at exiting the spraying gun. On reaching the surface to be painted the powder particles are attracted to the grounded surface and firmly held there. The material is then taken into a curing oven where the powder is melted and fused to give a smooth coat.Electrostatic painting machines are classified into three categories namely; airless type; air atomized types and rotating discs and bells type. The discs typeemploys high speed discs to atomize the coating resulting in a more fine coating and the paint particles are well directed to the grounded surface. This type is the most suitable for applying paints that are difficult to disperse and paints with high solids. Electrostatic painting is disadvantaged by the faraday cage effect. This effect involves the tendency of the charged particles to get deposited around cavities entrances.

Electrostatic Painting of Railings

HOW IT WORKS…The principle of electrostatics is analogous to magnetism. An electrically charged object produces an electrostatic field and two objects with opposite charges will attract each other. An object with more electrons than the surrounding is taken to be negatively charged while the one with fewer electrons than its surrounding is positively charged. This forms the scientific basis on which electrostatic painting operates.An atomizing electrode is located at the spraying tip. It is here the paint particles receive extra electrons and become negatively charged. During spraying the charges are dissipated through the ground and return to the power supply completing the electric circuit. The path of the paint particles is influenced by the electrostatic field. Over spray is drastically reduced since the charged paint particles are directly directed to the grounded surface of the item being painted. A phenomenon known as wrap allows the sprayed particles to be deposited to the back of the item.PAINTINGAfter setting up is done, the object is grounded and the paint formulation is positively charged, the painting starts. The positively charged powder paint formulation is sprayed on the grounded item. The item being oppositely charged draws the paint towards it surface and the attraction if so strong that the paint is pulled across to coat the whole surface. The process is safe and no protection gear is required. However, some unpleasant odors may be produced during painting process and it is thus recommended that it should be carried out on the outdoors.This method of painting uses no solvent and makes it environmentally friendly. Electrostatic painting is durable and there is a range of formulations such as urethane, polyester, epoxy or a hybrid of two of these. The choice of the best formulation is dictated by the intended use of the item to be painted. Epoxy formulation is the best choice for chemical and corrosion protection and for resistance to solvents. Polyester and urethane are chosen where a superior exterior durability is called for.Polarizable solvents are used to formulate all paints, primers and coatings sprayed by electrostatic painting. Materials such as plastic, ceramics, glass and rubber cannot be painted electrostatically since it is not possible to ground them electrically. There is a whole spectrum of color glosses, antiques and metallic effects available for electrostatic painting. The mixing of the powder paint formulation and the catalyst compounds should be carried out by the manufacturer. Computerized matching techniques allow the manufacturer to come up with a specific mix depending on your taste. This may take time and may cost your extra.BENEFITS OF ELECTROSTATIC PAINTINGThere is a high transfer efficiency achieved by electrostatic painting. This high transfer efficiency reduces the volume of paint used. Further benefits of electrostatic painting include reduced emissions of volatile organic compounds used as solvents in conventional paints, reduced hazardous air pollutants emissions, reduced waste generation and reduced exposure during application. Less maintenance is called for the pain reservoir for pollution control. electrostatic painting requires high capital cost and regular maintenance of the spraying equipment is needed.

via Electrostatic Painting.

In the Era of Big Boxes, a Day for the Little Guy – ABC News

As a locally owned retailer we had to share this story about choosing to buy local — Saving CHAGRIN HARDWARE!

Office Furniture Outlet is a Locally Owned Retailer of New and Used Discounted Office Furniture.

By AMY SANCETTA Associated Press

CHAGRIN FALLS, Ohio January 25, 2012 (AP)

It began quietly, as an email to 40 friends.

But when a steady stream of customers began coming through the door before the family-owned Chagrin Hardware had even opened for the day on Saturday, it was clear that it had turned into much more than that.

The idea started with Jim Black, a resident of Chagrin Falls, a close-knit village in Cleveland’s eastern suburbs that is part artist colony and part bedroom community. Black posted the email to a group of his friends. “Let’s show our support for one of our local businesses,” he wrote. “I challenge everyone to spend AT LEAST $20 at the hardware on the 21st.”

Although his email referred to the idea of a “Cash Mob” or the notion to “Occupy CF Hardware,” he really had no political agenda. And it wasn’t meant as a protest against the big-box stores that have created an ever-tightening circle around the community.

It was just a way to thank Chagrin Hardware’s owners for a beloved shop that has been a fixture in the village since 1857.

“These are good people who needed our support,” Black said. “It’s just that simple.”

The store, overlooking meandering Riverside Park and the Chagrin River in the middle of town, has been run by the Shutts family for the last 72 years. It passed from uncle to father to older brothers Rob and Kenny and the three youngest, Steve, Susie and Jack, who run the store today.

Black’s note was forwarded and forwarded and forwarded again. Calls started coming in from folks out of state who wanted to make a purchase over the phone.

Rob Schwind

In the early morning hours of Saturday, Jan…. View Full Caption

In the early morning hours of Saturday, Jan. 21, 2012, Rob Schwind shovels the sidewalk in front of the Chagrin Hardware in Chagrin Falls, Ohio. The Shutts family, which has owned the hardware for the last 72 years, was preparing for a community-driven “Cash Mob” of the store to happen that day. (AP Photo/Amy Sancetta) Close

And when the day came, so did the shoppers — one by one, with dogs on leashes and children in tow, hour after hour until the hardware was teeming with customers.

“This is small-town America,” said resident Martine Scheuermann, a bag of pet-safe ice melt in her arms and her Springer Spaniels tapping their toes on the worn wooden floor at her feet. “This is a special family business in a town where everybody knows you.”

The store has seen its share of tough times. Road construction on Main Street at the store’s front door some years back crippled business for a time. More recently, the weakened economy and the big boxes have stolen away customers.

On this day, though, those storylines were forgotten.

By 10 a.m. the place was jammed. By 1:30 p.m., the credit card machine was overloaded and had to be reset. “This is so cool,” said Steve Shutts, a mix of joy, wonder and happy exhaustion spread across his face. “I’ve seen people today I haven’t seen in years.”

The line at the checkout stretched in two directions as people with snow shovels and light bulbs and fireplace grates and vintage movie posters and horse shoe caulk — yes, horse shoe caulk — waited to pay.

Chad Schron, 38, came with his 8-year-old son Robert. “We didn’t have anything we had to get, but we found things we had to get,” he said. As he spoke, Robert clutched an Ohio State desk lamp and two flying monkey toys to his chest.

“When I was a kid, my Mom would send me down here with a note to let me buy BB’s,” Schron recalled. “Lots of kids did that back then. The notes still are in a drawer over there,” he said as he pointed past the register to a wall of wooden drawers containing everything from old springs to screws. In the drawer still labeled “BBs” were stacks of crumpled notes dating to the ’50s, from mothers just like Schron’s

When the final customer had finally left well after closing time with her fuzzy dice and floodlights, Schwind and Steve Shutts tallied the day’s receipts. Shutts shook his head at the wild and unexpected ride.

He wouldn’t say how much the store made that day, but was clearly pleased with the outcome.

“Thanks to Jimmy Black,” he said. “Thanks to everyone. Thanks to Chagrin Falls.

“What a place to live.”

via In the Era of Big Boxes, a Day for the Little Guy – ABC News.