Used Office Furniture: Good for the Environment! Good for Your Business!

Used Office Furniture

Knoll Guest Arm Chairs

Used Office Furniture is a post-consumer office furnishing that has been diverted out of the solid waste stream and back into the market. Used office furniture can be termed remanufactured, refurbished, recycled, and re-used, all of which are being “used again.

Cost Benefit

Buying used office furniture generally offers a saving of 20 to 60 percent off the cost of new furniture. Buying great quality used office furniture shows that your firm is managing the company’s assets wisely and sends the message the conservation and waste reduction is an important corporate goal.

Design Benefits

Office Furniture Outlet will work with your office space. This means no pre-determined selections of color, fabric and finish; remanufactured office furniture allows you and your designer complete creative freedom. If you can design it;  Office Furniture Outlet can help you achieve it.

Environmental Benefits

Think Green! By buying used there are fewer raw materials used, remanufacturing conserves energy and natural resources. Office furniture recycling extends the lives of resources already in circulation such as wood, aluminum, steel, plastics and fiber, using them over and over to the fullest extent possible. Most office furniture has a long life. Color, fabric and other outdated elements can be changed to match any office interior as well as other furnishings. By recycling office furniture, the products as well as the natural resources are diverted from the solid waste stream. Also recycling office furniture conserves labor and manufacturing energy especially when metals are kept out of the smelting process.

Office Furniture Outlet has the largest selection of used office furniture in South Eastern Virginia.  Their showroom, located in Norfolk’s industrial park, is open to the public. Office Furniture Outlet liquidates offices up and down the east coast to offer the best in supply and selection.

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Leasing Office Furniture is Good Practice in Today’s Economic Climate

By Kristi Stevens

Businesses have to move quickly and effectively to accommodate changes in size and rearranging departments. This means operations will see departments created and eliminated overnight. This type of economic climate lends perfectly to the option of leasing or renting office furnishings. Leasing office furniture is an effective strategy in that there is no grand depletion of company capital. Leasing office furniture over buying will allow a business to preserve cash and minimize overhead.
Below is a list of reasons that leasing may be a good choice for your business.
– Keeps a company’s capital free for operation uses and business opportunities.
– Preserves credit lines
– Diversifies credit
– 100% Project Financing
– Low down payment or sometimes no down payment
– Tax advantage – consult your tax advisor
If you have question about or are considering leasing office furniture over buying give Office Furniture Outlet a call (757) 855-2800 to help decide if it is the best option for you.

Why Buying Used is the Best in Discount Office Furniture

Used Office Desk

By Kristi Stevens

Buying used office furniture is a great solution to save money and retain quality. Commercial office furniture is designed to work and built to last. When a company redesigns, quits or moves their old furniture is often liquidated. You will find liquidated office furniture at your local used office furniture dealer such as Office Furniture Outlet. Buying used office furniture is a great way to get commercial grade quality on the cheap saving 20%-80% off retail list.

By visiting your local used office furniture dealer you options are open and you can browse multiple brands, styles, and colors to narrow your design aesthetic. Also, it should be noted that, used office dealers are experts in their market so they can guide you towards what will work best in your space.

Office Furniture Outlet has the largest selection of used office furniture in South Eastern Virginia. Their showroom, located in Norfolk’s industrial park, is open to the public. Office Furniture Outlet liquidates offices up and down the east coast to offer the best in supply and selection.

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Introducing Global Industries New Multi-Function Task Chair: ROMA

Global Announces New Task Chairs: ROMA

Press Release:

Roma offers a family of seating with simple clean lines. Backs are available in three versions, Mesh, Upholstered or Perforated flexible Polypropylene. A flexible built in lumbar support changes shape with user movement. Fixed height arms and armcaps are constructed of durable fiberglass reinforced nylon. Roma was developed with the environment in mind. All components but the foam can be endlessly recycled. The foam is made from soy oil based technology, which leaves petroleum oil in the ground for our future generations. Roma can be specified in a wide array of textiles and leathers including the Momentum, Maharam, DesignTex, Knoll Textiles, Ultra Fabrics, Dani Leather and Spinneybeck carded programs available on all models. Mesh backs are available in six distinct colors. Global’s new Match fabric was designed to “match” with these colors.

If you are interested in ordering Global Industries’ Roma chair please call Office Furniture Outlet at (757) 855-2800 we are a Global Distributor.

Source: Global Industries


Larry Iverson Owner, The Desk Doctor


By Victoria Hecht, The Virginia-Pilot

Larry Iverson’s convinced the adage”they don’t make’em like they used to ” will ring especially true in the furniture market in the coming years.

Already, he said, wooden pieces aren’t of the quality they were just a decade ago and won’t stand up to the test of time. He cited the use of composites and less-hardy woods, more glue and less hardware, and outsourcing to other countries among the reasons.

The Norfolk resident who owns The Desk Doctor (, launched his business in 1995 as office-furniture recycling — the process of refurbishing and refining — grew in popularity among consumers in home, commercial and government offices.

With furniture getting new life, skilled crafts persons and workshop facilities were needed to address the demand, from hand stripping to repairing damage, Iverson said.

“The core value is here,” he noted, running his hand over a mahogany desk with inlays and a leather top. Iverson purchased it in Manhattan, one of the major East Coast destinations he frequents on buying trips.

The Desk Doctor employs eight people full time and is located in a 15,000-square-foot shop at 23rd Street and Llewellyn Avenue in Norfolk. Besides office furniture, the company also restores antiques and does custom work for homes and businesses.

During an economic downturn, restoring rather than replacing furniture makes sense because it can be done at a fraction of the cost, Iverson said.
Restoration is also good for the environment as it reduces one’s carbon footprint, said Iverson, who worked for forest-products company Weyerhaeuser Corp. before starting The Desk Doctor.

“The old-growth forests that the furniture makers were using 10 years ago are gone now or protected,” Iverson said. “Reuse is the best form of recycling.”

Re-purposing pieces — such as configuring an entertainment armoire for today’s flat-screen televisions — is another of the company’s services, he said.

“High-quality, real-wood furniture is always in demand, no matter what the economy is doing,” Iverson added.

What attracted you to furniture restoration?

Being able to see the natural beauty of the wood and the original craftsman’s talented work restored for future generations to enjoy.
What kind of savings can people realize by purchasing restored furniture?

Carefully restored antiques are highly valued and are one of this country’s easiest personal investments. Furniture can be refinished for a fraction of the original value and saves 50-90 percent of replacement costs.


Are you finding that people are turning to furniture restoration in these challenging times?

Families who value their prized heirloom furniture always use restoration services. As younger generations recognize the limited availability of quality made, real-wood furniture, they begin to use refinishing to reuse the furniture and save money.

Do you have any restored furniture in your own home?

I will always have restored and refinished furniture in my home. I have an eclectic mix of many pieces from different periods, made with various woods and craftsmanship details, like inlays, carvings and marque accents.

What do you enjoy most about your work and why?
The privilege of working with master craftsmen and the beautiful things that can be done with real wood.

What’s your favorite thing at your own home?

Living in Norfolk.  We just recently built our dream custom home on a beautiful point of land looking up the Lafayette River.

Victoria Hecht, (757) 446-2614

Save Your Home-Based Business Money: Buy Used Office Furniture

By Kristi Stevens

The major benefit with a home-based business is lowered overhead costs. However, home-based business owners still have a budget and as any business owner they concern themselves with the bottom line. All business owners have a need for smart buying and spending. Home-based business owners who focus in on cost-reduction will result in an increase of profits.

Entrepreneur online listed 25 ways to save home-based business owner’s money. The number one way to save money on the list was to buy used office furniture. The reason is simply cost. Used office furniture will be 30% – 80% less than retail price. Used office furniture is always deeply discounted.

With the economy at a low point commercial properties are foreclosing, downsizing, or trading individual offices for cubicles. The barely used office furniture is finding its way into the used office furniture market place. The market of used office furniture is flooded with inventory, which means wide selections and great prices being passed on to the consumer.

When you are looking for furniture remember Entrepreneur’s number one home-based business cost-cutting tip and buy used office furniture.

Office Furniture Outlet has the largest used office furniture inventory in all of Hampton Roads. If you are interested in Hampton Roads local used office furniture deals give us a call at (757) 855-2800.

Source: Entrepreneur

The Herman Miller Aeron Chair: An Ergonomic Choice

By Kristi Stevens

Herman miller Aeron ChairHerman Miller’s Aeron chairs are known for their sleek modern design but they are popular because they are so comfortable. Comfort stems from a high level of ergonomic design. It is undoubtedly the Aeron’s high level of progressive ergonomic features that make the chair irresistible.

The Aeron’s comfort comes from being highly adjustable and allowing for natural positioning for health and productivity (ergonomics). Aeron chairs are designed with ergonomics in mind even the trademark mesh seat is an ergonomic feature. The mesh contours the body for ultimate snug support. The mesh is softer and offers ventilation vastly different than a generic office chair. Another ergonomic feature is Aeron’s contained suspension system that allows for up, down, tilt forward & backwards adjustments to regulate height and angle. Seat tilt has been noted to help decompression of the lower back. The Aeron also has synchro-tilt management where the backrest will recline at a faster rate than the seat to offer maximum positioning for the back and neck. The armrest move forward, back, up and down as well.

All of Aeron’s Ergonomic features can be fine-tuned to the chair owner’s specifications. Aeron chairs are more than a good-looking chair they are designed from top to bottom with workplace ergonomics in mind.

Give Office Furniture Outlet a call today if we can help you find a well suited chair for your workplace (757) 855-2800.

A New Twist on Recycled Office Furniture

By Kristi Stevens

vespa parts upcycled into office chair

Office Furniture Outlet knows a recycle opportunity when it sees one – upcycling. We are master recyclers, reclaiming tired old office furniture and giving them a fresh finish for a new life. So, you can imagine our delight in learning about the new trend in recycling termed upcycling.

Upcycling is the process of converting waste materials or useless products into new materials or products of better quality or a higher environmental value. The upcycled item does not just look like new again it has a whole new form and function.

Below are a few websites you can visit to see fascinating office furniture upcycling projects:

3rings Shiner indoor/outdoor furni

ture made from reclaimed material taken from industrial manufacturing sites. Shiner also monitors waste creating as little a possible.

Bel & Bel Bel & Bel upcycles vintage Vespas into office furniture.

T.O.M.T. T.O.M.T. is the best friend for trashed or forgotten objects and anything else you might throw away or overlook in your garages, panties or other storage spaces.

i29 The use of thick black paint upcycles a collection of used office furniture for a series of interior design objects.

Did You Know You Can Refinish Metal Office Furniture?

Electrostatic refinishing of a conference room table

By Kristi Stevens

There is a process called Electrostatic painting that can virtually paint anything metal. For example electrostatic painting can refinish metal file cabinets, shelving, storage cabinets, desks, lockers, elevator doors, mailboxes, fences, fire doors, railings, chain link fencing, wrought iron fencing, cluster mailboxes and much, much more.

What does this mean for our customers?

By refinishing your metal furniture we can salvage your metal assets. Our customers have used our electrostatic painting service to repaint metal cabinets to match an interior redesign. The old cabinets were simply refinished to match the new color scheme. Others have used the service to extend the life of company lockers and exterior mailboxes. The most creative customers have used electrostatic painting to update furniture. A simple paint change on a conference room table from chrome to matte black and the table looks modern and fresh. By refinishing your metal furniture and assets you are saving them from entering a landfill.

Saving money is on every business owners mind. Electrostatic painting is an economical method of addressing painting and maintenance issues. Electrostatic painting can extend the life of office furniture, thus keeping it out of landfills and saving your business money. We think electrostatic painting is smart, green and economical.

Call Office Furniture Outlet today for all of your office furniture needs (757) 855-2800.

What to Know When Buying Discount Office Furniture